5 Rules of Holiday Shopping

5 Rules of Holiday Shopping

You Can Make Shopping A Little Less Hectic And A Lot Cheaper Just By Following A Few Simple Guidelines


Dread the shopping part of the holidays? Follow these rules to make the season a little merrier – even at the mall.

  1. Make a List – Drafting a gift list forces you to think about each person on it. Brainstorm some ideas and then keep your eyes peeled for deals. Really think about the individual -- not only will it help you narrow down the options, but you're more likely to find something uniquely fitting for that person. Your list could also save you money, because instead of browsing a store for ideas (which encourages impulse buying) you'll go in looking for specific items. It also helps avoid overbuying due to last-minute worries you haven't bought enough.
  2. Start Now – Easier said than done, but think about all the deals you could be missing if you wait. Stores will have sales and special promotions over the next few weeks that prepared shoppers can jump on.
  3. Search for the Best Price – You've found what you want to buy, and now you need to find it at the best price. If the item isn't unique to a particular retailer, be sure to search by product name and compare prices offered at different retailers.
  4. Search for Coupons – Once you've brainstormed some gift ideas, search for coupons online. Google specific retailers and products to cover your bases. Even if you find a a a product unique to one retailer, do a search to make sure a promotional code isn't floating around the Internet. Also, check ebates.com or other online rebaters – if you click through to the retailer on these sites, you'll get a certain percentage back in time for the new year.
  5. Use Social Media – Follow/friend your favorite stores and brands on Twitter and Facebook for a heads up on coupons and sales.

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