5 Game Day Party Ideas: From Budget to Blowout

5 Game Day Party Ideas: From Budget to Blowout

July 2024 by couponlab

It’s one of the biggest sports nights in America, and most people participate in one form or another. If it’s not watching the game, it’s watching the commercials. The best way to enjoy watching the game is with friends and family; however, Game Day parties can be expensive. Here’s our list of how to throw a party for the Big Game on any budget.


1. Host a potluck party. If you are hosting a party, instead of carrying the whole burden, ask people to bring a dish to pass. You can save the most money with solid-color décor instead of decorations with the team logo. Beforehand, start a football betting pool, and make guesses about the commercials or trivia about the teams. Then, you can grab prizes from Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Walmart to hand out to the lucky winners!

(1) big/small plates – $2
(4) 9 oz. 12-ct. party cups – $4
(2) plastic utensils, 48-ct. – $2
(4) plastic table covers – $4
Total party budget: $12


2. Co-host a party with the opposing team. To make things all the more interesting, having a rival party will get people to cheer for their team. Make sure everything is all in good fun, of course. Be creative with low cost and snacks for game day. Bulk snacks are something that most people love, especially if you have a Sam’s Club or Costco nearby to buy snacks for puppy chow, mini sausages, nachos, or a variety of popcorn. You can also get a variety of disposable plates and decorations. With half the cost and double the ideas, the choices are unlimited.

(1) Big/small plates – $1 each
(4) 9 oz. 12-ct. Party cups – $1 each
(2) plastic utensils, 48-ct. – $1 each
(4) plastic table covers – $1 each
(1) nacho cheese – $6.98
(2) tortilla chips – $4.98 each
(1) pretzels – $5.58
(1) Chex Mix – $5.98
(1) popcorn – $7.98
(1) Lil’ Smokies – $6.98
Total party budget- $60


3. Chili cook-off! There is nothing better than a chili cook-off with our favorite friends. It gets the competitive juices flowing and brings a ton of food to the party. This also means you might have to use your more excellent glassware for heartier food or paper bowls for easier cleanup. This also means fewer things to buy and more of a budget for decorations. Oriental Trading Company has a ton of cool decorations to give your party an edge.

(2) 16-piece NFL Luncheon Napkins – $2.79 each
(5) 8-piece NFL paper bowls – $3.49
(4) 8-piece NFL dinner plates – $2.49
(4) 8-piece NFL oval dinner plates – $3.79
(4) NFL plastic tablecloth – $4.29
(1) 210-pc. High count plastic cutlery set – $9.99
(1) Football snack caddies – $4.99
Total party budget – $80


4. If you want to do a little more, you can get into it and invite your fantasy football teammates. You can send out your invites through e-vites if you wish to have a little fun. There are also a ton of fun football party printouts, paper decorations, and themed food ideas. Make sure when they arrive, they take a picture at your DIY Game Day photo booth. This is an excellent token for your friends to remember this party. You guys can do many other games and trivia while waiting for the game to start. One of our favorites is the old-fashioned game of paper football but spruced up on a nicely decorated green table. You can also add cocktails in your team’s colors.

(2) 16-piece NFL luncheon napkins – $2.79 each
(5) 8-piece NFL paper bowls – $3.49
(4) 8-piece NFL Dinner plates – $ 2.49
(4) 8-piece NFL oval dinner plates – $3.79
(4) NFL plastic tablecloth – $4.29
(1) 210 high piece count plastic cutlery set – $9.99
Food, snacks, cocktail beverages
Total party budget – $175


5. If you are willing to go all-out, you can do a couple of big things. Go all out in tailgating fashion. You can do anything huge, from a pig roast, barbecue ribs, and whole chickens to brisket; the possibilities are endless. A keg is definitely for a tailgating-themed party like this. With some of these treats, you will most likely need a party truly celebrating the team you are cheering for. Make sure you get all your team colors by making and buying all the décor for your celebration. No party is complete without dishes, cups, and utensils in your team’s colors. Take it one step further with banners around the house and a green flag leading your guests to the entryway where they will watch the game. If this seems like it might be too much, you can always make things a little attractive with a pie or wing-eating contest or a friendly bet on the winner of the Big Game.

(2) 16-piece NFL luncheon napkins – $2.79 each
(5) 8-piece NFL paper bowls – $3.49
(4) 8-piece NFL dinner plates – $ 2.49
(4) 8-piece NFL oval dinner plates – $3.79
(4) NFL plastic tablecloth – $4.29
(1) 210-pc. high count plastic cutlery set – $9.99
1 set(s) of football snack caddies – $4.99
(1) buffet serving set – $41.99
(6) Plastic pennant banner – $4.29
Meats from your local store
Keg from your local liquor store
Total party budget – $450

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire your fantastic party. Celebrating and watching the Big Game with the atmosphere, the musical acts, commercials, and cheering your team on is always exciting. Whether you are going cheap or splurging on your party, the most important part is spending time with your friends and family. Whatever you do, don’t end up with a gif on social media.