5 Reasons to Choose Laminate Countertops

5 Reasons to Choose Laminate Countertops

By Couponlab

What comes to mind when you think of buying or remodeling a house? “Saving money” is probably not one of the first things on the list—no matter how you approach it, these processes are expensive—but if you do your research and make intelligent decisions, there are plenty of savings.

According to a study from the National Association of Home Builders, 25 percent of first-time home buyers said they would be unlikely to buy a home with laminate countertops. But, with a bit of education, they might change their tune. If your position on countertop materials is as immovable as granite and natural stone, take a look at some of these facts on laminate—they might surprise you!


The biggest argument for choosing laminate countertops is that they are much more affordable than their natural stone counterparts. Just how much more affordable, you ask? For an average kitchen with 30 linear feet of countertops, laminate costs around $1500, while granite runs in the neighborhood for $4500. That’s no small potatoes. If you’re remodeling a dated kitchen or updating in anticipation of selling, put laminate on your radar.


Not only are laminate countertops more affordable than granite and marble, but since they are made from layers of paper and resin, they are much more eco-friendly. For example, Formica Group mandates using wood fibers from sustainable forests and works with paper suppliers to provide materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.


In the past, laminate countertops got a bad rap because they looked like poor reproductions of other materials like wood and stone. These reproductions consisted of one 18 in. pattern repeated over and over. With all the advancements made in photographic technology, laminates come in a wide variety of eye-pleasing designs that mimic earthly stone slabs, butcher block wood, and much more.

The 3478 Dolce Macchiato is one of the most popular 180®fx models by Formica Group laminates. Image via Formica Group.
180fx® by Formica Group

The dark line along the edge is another major gripe consumers have had with laminate countertops. This is another moot point, with laminate countertop manufacturers offering decorative advantages like rounded bullnoses and S-shaped ogees.


According to durability tests performed by Consumer Reports in 2024, laminates excelled at resisting stains, impact, and heat and withstood abrasive pads nicely. They were also found to be very easy to clean and easy to install.


Kitchens are not the only rooms that work with laminates. These attractive and affordable surfaces are perfect for other rooms in your home, like bathrooms, bars, and laundry rooms, and with all the patterns available, you’re sure to find the right look for your tastes. See more furniture tips at furnitureSB.com

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Freelance says

We have just gone through a major remodel in our kitchen and bathroom. We looked at all countertop countertops with laminate resembling marble, stone, g, and granite.

The key to saving money is to wait for a sale and purchase items on clearance. We may have spent more on granite countertops for our expansive kitchen, but we have also raised the home’s value.

This is something that laminate, no matter how attractive the look, can’t compete against. It feels cheap. Trying to have a different face does not help increase the home’s value. It makes prospective buyers factor in the replacement cost when viewing the asking price.

Sometimes, spending more upfront to realize a more significant profit is worth it.

Again, many slab locations have meager prices on stock they won’t carry again, making it a bargain for installation. We saw a perfect slab for a main bathroom for $80. The exact size of the slab would have cost over $200.

Knowing how and when to shop and preparing a list well ahead of time can get any first-time buyer/remodeler high-quality products at a fraction of the cost.

I usually enjoy these articles in caouponlab, and this is the first time I have left a comment because I have just experienced a full-on remodel, and laminate would have cheapened the project. It is not expensive if you know how to shop. Check out promotions at the big warehouses and the local slab stores in the area. Prices can be very competitive and give you a unique look that will bring your home that “Wow” factor.