Most Parents Buy Holiday Gifts For The Kids – INFOGRAPHIC

by couponlab



Did you know only 2% of parents say they do not buy holiday gifts for their kids? That’s according to a new study from (*TNS) that reports 70% parents say they’ll buy 3 or more gifts for each child and another 28% will buy 1-3 gifts per child. Overall, 9 in 10 parents will spend the same or more buying gifts for their kids in 2021. This bodes well for 61% of significant others, as 47% of American adults buy more than one holiday gift for their spouse/partner and another 14% buy just one gift for spouse/partner – unfortunately this means 39% ain’t getting a darn thing. That said, nearly 4 in 10 buy a minimum of one holiday gift for their pets. Woof!Holiday-Gift-SUrvey-IG-2021

When it comes to what kind of tech products kids want most for gifts this year, parents said 28% of their kids want an Android tablet vs. 23% wanting iPads. Meanwhile, 21% want iPhones vs. 16% wanting Samsung smartphones, and only 7% thought their kids would most want the new Apple Watch. And out of all the techie choices out there, 19% of parents said their kids just want laptops. NOTE: Smart parents will get cash back on any tech gifts.

So, what items do parents think kids want most “overall?”

  • 53% said Toys and Games
  • 42% said Clothes and Shoes
  • 39% said Video Games
  • 39% said Cards or Money
  • 29% said Media (books, movies or music)
  • 28% said Mobile Device (tablet or smartphone)
  • 21% said Laptop or Computer

We also asked parents which non-traditional gifts their kids may want most:

  • 41% want “quality time with their family”
  • 38% want to go to Disney World/Land
  • 20% want a puppy
  • 19% want to go to the new Star Wars movie
  •   9% want a new brother or sister

Of course, older folks want gifts, too. So we asked what items adults want most this year:

  • 45% want quality time with family
  • 45% want Gift Cards
  • 25% want Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry
  • 22% want a Vacation
  • 18% want a Laptop or Computer
  • 13% want Mobile Device (tablet, smartphone or smartwatch)
  • 12% want a TV

With such a big shift in shopping behavior this year–less in-store purchases, we asked shoppers which online stores offered the best gift buying experience:

  • 74% like Amazon
  • 33% like Walmart
  • 24% like Target
  • 19% like Best Buy
  • 18% like Kohl’s
  • 12% like Macy’s
  •   9% like Toys R Us
  •   8% like Sears

This year’s holiday shopping season is proving to be very incentive-laden; shoppers have high expectations for having more control over their purchases than ever before. So we asked shoppers what are the most important factors when buying holiday gifts from online stores this year?

  • 76% said Free Shipping
  • 71% said Getting the Best Deals
  • 49% said Return Policy
  • 33% said Price Matching
  • 32% said Customer Service
  • 22% said Rewards
  •   4% said Good Mobile Apps