Score Big During the March Mania Cash Back Sale

Score Big During the March Mania Cash Back Sale

By Couponlab

Alright, team, gather round and take a knee. Now, I know things aren’t looking good out there. We’re down by quite a few points and don’t have a lot of time left to catch up. But let me be clear: I don’t want you guys giving up! They may be bigger, stronger and faster than us, but we’ve got something they’ll never have: double cash back! That’s right, for the next week (March 1-7) you all can get double cash back from a bunch of stores when you shop with March-Mania-300x250

Now, you may be wondering how getting double cash back on a shopping website is going to help us win this game. And I’m going to be honest with you: it probably won’t. However, after the game’s over, we’re definitely going to save a lot of money at amazing stores, such as eBay, Samsung and Don’t give me that look, you guys; this is going to be awesome, and it’s definitely going to make up for how terrible a job I’ve been doing coaching you all this year. After all, this isn’t just some random cash back sale; this is March Mania! So who’s with me?

Here’s a roster of some of the stores offering increased cash back this week (March 1-7):

  • Teavana – 6% cash back (was 3%)
  • Panasonic – 4% cash back (was 2%)
  • Fanatics – 3% cash back (was 1.5%)
  • World Wide Stereo – 6% cash back (was 3%)
  • PC Richard & Son – 3% cash back (was 1.5%)
  • TaylorMade – 6% cash back (was 3%)
  • Puritan’s Pride – 10% cash back (was 5%)
  • Dell Refurbished – 5% cash back (was 2.5%)
  • GearBest – 6% cash back (was 3%)
  • Puma – 9% cash back (was 4.5%)
  • TheBouqs – 12% cash back (was 6%)
  • Expedia – Up to 10% cash back (was up to 4%)
  • MLB Shop – Up to 3% cash back (was up to 1.5%)
  • AllPosters – 12% cash back (was 6%)
  • – 12% cash back (was 6%)
  • Tervis – 8% cash back (was 4%)
  • b-glowing – 6% cash back (was 3%)
  • Rosetta Stone – 12% cash back (was 6%)
  • Go Daddy – 14% cash back (was 7%)
  • And many more!

Hands in. Double cash back on three. One, two, three, double cash back! Now let’s go forfeit this game so that we can get shopping right away!