Should I Get a Tablet, Laptop or Desktop: An Essential Guide to the Differences

By Couponlab


When choosing a computing device, the sheer amount of options can be daunting. It can feel intimidating to browse through the myriad electronics that have become necessary in our everyday lives. Fear not! This guide is intended to help alleviate your concerns and give you a solid jumping off point from which to dive into the world of tech.


While computing devices include many kinds of machines, we’ll be focusing on the most popular three.


tablet Pros: Tablets are the most mobile of the three and have a default “standby” mode, allowing for quicker access than both laptops and desktops. A tablet will also almost always have a touch screen.

Cons: When choosing a tablet, you have the least amount of customizable options (processor, RAM, screen, etc.). Since they are the smallest, tablets also have the smallest amount of possible computing power.

Perfect For: Tablets are perfect for an outside sales position. Not only do they allow you to show your customer what you can provide for them, it’s much more dynamic than brochures and pamphlets. You can even take payment from them by allowing them to swipe their credit card (accessory needed)



LAPTOP laptop

Pros: Laptops have the largest range of possibilities regarding mobility vs performance. You can get a little guy that’s super mobile with less computing power, or you can get a 17-inch gaming laptop (and everything in between). On average, laptops will also elegantly combine the mobility aspects of a tablet with the computing power of a desktop.

Cons: Even one of the smaller laptops is still less mobile than a tablet, and not only is the same amount of computing power more expensive in a laptop than in a desktop, laptops also offer less computing power than desktops overall.

Perfect For: There are many professions that a laptop works well for, but a laptop is perfect for a writer. You’re not sure where you’ll be when the mood strikes, so that desktop at work isn’t going to help you when you’re up at 2 a.m. lying in bed, and a tablet is only good for short, casual writing. The laptop is the perfect device for someone who might have to do their work at any place, any time.




desktop Pros: Desktop computers have the largest amount of customization options. To visualize this, remember that many people build their own desktops with ease. Unlike laptops, desktops offer more computing power for less money and more computing power overall.

Cons: You’re most likely not taking your desktop to Starbucks. Desktops are the least mobile between the three. It’s like a bed; unless you’re rearranging furniture, you’re not moving it. Also, unless you opt for an “all-in-one,” desktops do not have touchscreens.

Perfect For: Those who need more computing power. A desktop is perfect for those who can’t find the specifications they need in a laptop or, if the laptop does have the specs, it’s too bulky and expensive. This also gives you the benefit of connecting more monitors and other accessories to help you with your job.




Which device you choose is all up to your lifestyle. If you have the money and the need, you may actually get all three of these or at least a combination of two of them.

Tablet: Although it can be, a tablet is usually not a standalone item, but an extra item used to supplement a laptop or desktop. Tablets are great if you need to check email and browse the internet without always having a place to sit and work. It can handle less powerful office tasks, like word processing and basic presentations.

Laptop: If you need performance in a mobile package, laptops are best for you. Work from anywhere without having to bring a flash drive or email yourself the files you need.

Desktop: If you work in one place and don’t really have any need to work anywhere else, have no need to be mobile, need a lot of peripherals, and/or you need tons of performance, a desktop is a great choice for you. This baby’s not moving until you redecorate or get a new one.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what kind of devices you prefer! Let us know in the comments, and check out our Tech Deals for great offers on devices.