Spring Cleaning Clutter to Cash Ways to Make Money from Your Trash

Spring Cleaning Clutter to Cash: Ways to Make Money from Your Trash

June 2024 by couponlab

It’s that time again—two words: spring cleaning. There’s a lot of stuff we can do without. Whether you’re a homeowner with an overflowing attic or a college senior who is about to graduate with way too much stuff than you know what to do with (hint: that’s me), now is the perfect time to declutter and get rid of the things you don’t need.

That leaves you with some options:
1) Throw it all out, and don’t look back.
2) Drop it off at your local donation center.
3) Sell it!

Just because it’s trash to you doesn’t mean that it’s not worth something to someone else. Even better is that you have several options for making money selling things you don’t want. Go room by room through the clutter and gather everything you want to sell. Then consider the options that work best for you!

Yard or Garage Sale:

Make your yard your storefront, and let the people come to you. Living on a busy street has its perks regarding yard sales. You can make some decent money with the proper advertisement and pleasant weather. There are several tips to make more money at your garage sale. Make sure to spread the word, price items well, and ensure your wares are well organized to ensure tremendous success. This can be a great way to eliminate a lot of stuff in one day, but it requires some work for several hours.

Consignment Shops:

Have someone else do the selling for you. You won’t make as much, and you may have to wait a bit, but with a little effort required, it’s an easy profit! Check with your local consignment shops for their rules, and be prepared to have some of your things turned down. If you don’t want to put in the work of selling your items and are okay taking the cut, this can be a great option.

Sell Online:

You have several options when selling unwanted things online. Each site has its benefits, so you should choose carefully for the best return.

  • Amazon is easy to use and can be compared to an online retail store. Items you sell need a UPC, which may limit what you can list. There are also fees associated with selling, which means Amazon will get some of the cut from your sale.
  • eBay is easy, and the auction-style setup can raise the price more than expected. You can also list items without the auction if you have a firm price. Unlike Amazon, you do not need the UPC for sales, which makes the site more like an online yard sale where you can list unique items. However, eBay does take some percentage of the purchase depending on the amount.
  • Etsy is fantastic if you have a lot of stuff in one genre that works with a niche. This site is a great place to sell crafty or old items, as people often search on Etsy for these items.
  • Craigslist is especially good for bigger things and would be too expensive to ship, as people locally can find the listing and pick it up, reducing the hassle of shipping. Be safe and meet in a public place or outside to protect yourself. You can make more from your sales without dealing with shipping or selling fees.
  • Facebook can also be a great way to reach out to people and find buyers of your unwanted things. While the market may be smaller, being friends increases trust and makes a sale easier. There are also groups where you can list your items to reach a wider audience. Like Craigslist, this option can help you make more profit selling without the fees.


Newspaper classifieds are classic and still a valuable resource for selling your things. Check with your newspaper for fees and rules. Classifieds are often listed online, as well, which means you can reach a local audience that may be interested in what you are selling, and also means that you don’t have to deal with shipping. eBay Classifieds is another online resource you can use to list your things. Listing is free, but some restrictions exist on what can be listed.


If you’re crafty and creative, you can significantly increase the money you can make on your unwanted things. Giving things a new purpose or a fresh look can add value to something that might look old and worthless. Search Pinterest for craft ideas with particular objects. Try looking at your things from a different perspective; you may be surprised by what you can come up with.
Warning: You might find things hard to part with after you’ve fixed them up.