The Cost of Living Like Your Favorite Sitcom Family

June 2024 by couponlab

How much does it cost your favorite sitcom families to live their day-to-day lives? We went in search of the answers.

The Cost of Living Like Your Favorite Sitcom Family 2


Though the show never mentions what state the Simpsons live in, creator Matt Groening has alluded to Springfield, Oregon, as the home of the Simpsons.

  • Homer’s salary: $51,544 a year
  • The Simpsons’ house: $182,500 (a $1,384 monthly mortgage)
  • Groceries: $1,465 a month for a family of five (including a voracious husband)
  • Homer’s tab at Moe’s Tavern: $264 a month (not counting tips)


  • Salary: We calculated the average salary for a nuclear safety inspector in Springfield, Oregon.
  • Housing: Their home is the median price for a house in Springfield, Oregon.
  • Groceries: The average monthly cost for a family of two adults and two school-age children is $1,291 if you’re on the “liberal” food plan (which we think you would have to be with Homer in the family). We added Maggie for $174 a month, the average cost of a “liberal” plan for a year-old baby.
  • Homer’s tab at Moe’s: Homer drinks Duff, an American lager we figure is similar to Coors Light. Coors Light costs an average of $3 per bottle at bars across the U.S. We then estimated that Homer is in the top 20 percent of American drinkers, probably consuming around 15 drinks per week. That’s $45 a week, which adds up to $2,340 each year.
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  • Housing: The Rugrats’ house in Yucaipa, California, would cost $293,000 (a $1,461 monthly mortgage).
  • Salary: $40,843/year
  • Groceries: $799 a month for Tommy’s family, including his little brother, Dill
  • Reptar toys: Though Tommy’s dad, Stu, is a toy inventor, he doesn’t own the rights to the Reptar franchise, so the family still needs a toy budget. Tommy’s family would spend $742 yearly on toys. For all the kids in the show combined, toys would cost $2,226 annually.
  • Family dog: Keeping the Pickles’ family dog, Spike, happy and healthy would cost $567 a year.


  • Housing: $293,000 is the median price for a home in Yucaipa.
  • Salary: Didi is a part-time teacher and child psychologist. Assuming she works two eight-hour days a week as a teacher and two eight-hour days as a child psychologist, she would bring home $40,843 a year.
  • Groceries: The Pickles family is on the “moderate” food plan for one adult male, one adult female, and two infant boys (Tommy and Dill).
  • Reptar toys: The average amount spent on toys for one child each year is $371, and we multiplied that by all six kids on the show.
  • Pet care: We added the cost of dog food, grooming, and annual vet visits in Yucaipa.
  • The Series: Unfortunately, they only have the movie trilogy; However, Nickelodeon is coming out with its network called The Splat, which is geared towards 90’s shows.


  • Housing: A house in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island, would cost $219,100 (a $1,038 monthly mortgage).
  • Salary: Holding down a reliable job isn’t Peter’s strong suit (or Lois’, for that matter), but his steadiest career to date has been at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toys factory. In this job, Peter would bring home about $23,320 a year.
  • Groceries (for the humans): $1,169/month
  • Dog food: $21/month
  • Peter’s tab at The Drunken Clam: $480/month (not counting tips)
  • Cost of the custom Petercopter (new): $463,800 plus $11,658 yearly in insurance and $111 per hour of operation.


  • Housing: $219,100 is the median price for a house in Rhode Island.
  • Salary: We calculated the average salary for a toy factory worker.
  • Groceries: This is the food plan for one adult male, one adult female, and two teenagers. But remember that caloric intake can vary drastically depending on weight and height.
  • Dog food: We calculated the average cost of food for a medium-sized dog like Brian.
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Housing: A house in fictional Arlen, Texas, would cost $217,700 (a $1,030 monthly mortgage).

Salary: Hank would bring home about $51,000 a year as a propane salesman.

Groceries: $1,165 a month

Beer: $119 a month

Lawn upkeep: $17 a month (including gas for the riding mower and lawn watering costs)


  • Housing: $217,700 is the median home price in Richardson, Texas, a town whose creator Mike Judge has said was an inspiration for the fictional Arlen.
  • Salary: Hank works as a mid-level propane salesman. We calculated $51,000 as the average salary for a mid-level propane salesman in Texas.
  • Groceries: $1,165 a month is the “liberal” plan for one adult male, one adult female, one female teen, and one male teen.
  • Beer: Hank drinks Alamo beer, which we believe is close to Lone Star, a cheap Texas beer. Lone Star costs about $3.50 a bottle at bars, and we figure Hank drinks about 34 beers a month (give or take).
  • Lawn upkeep: This is the irrigation and mower gas price for a lawn of about 10 feet by 10 feet.
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  • Housing: A house in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, would cost $187,400 (a $904 monthly mortgage).
  • Salary: Al would bring home about $15,000 a year as a shoe salesman. No wonder Peggy nags him about his low paychecks.
  • Groceries: $1,048 a month
  • Cost of running NO MA’AM: Al Bundy’s pro-men organization, NO MA’AM, probably raised donations for projects like starting a baseball team and opening a church, but it still would spend about $304 a month on bowling and beer.
  • Peggy’s hair: One blowout each week at a mid-priced salon would cost the Bundys $192 a month.


  • Housing: $187,400 is the median house price for the suburbs of Chicago.
  • Salary: Shoe salespeople don’t make much, and Al is no exception. $15,000 is the average annual salary for a shoe salesman in the Chicago area.
  • NO MA’AM: A cheap local bowling alley costs $9 per game and $4 per shoe rental (per person). We figure four critical NO MA’AM players have to go bowling at least four times a month and buy at least three beers each time.
  • Groceries: We calculated what it would cost to feed two adults and two teenagers a month, then added the cost of five boxes of bonbons for Peggy.
  • Peggy’s hair: We figure Peggy needs at least a weekly blowout to keep up her prized hair.
  • The cost of watching is $29.99


  • Housing: The Brady Bunch house is in Studio City, California. Today it would sell for no less than $2.1 million (a $13,479 monthly mortgage).
  • Salary: As a city councilman, Mike Brady would earn a handsome salary of $178,789. But he’s also an architect, a job that brings in $88,741 a year. Altogether, Mike Brady would make $267,530 yearly.
  • Groceries (including Alice, the housekeeper): $2,366 a month or $28,393 a year
  • College: Assuming all the kids went to public universities in California, college tuition for the six Brady kids would cost the family $55,038 annually. Textbooks would cost the family another $18,000.


Housing: $2.1 million is the median price for an eight-bedroom house in Studio City, California.

Salary: We looked at the average salary of an architect combined with the average salary of a city councilman, both in Los Angeles.

Groceries: We calculated the “moderate” plan for the six Brady kids, the two parents, and housekeeper Alice.

College: The average tuition price of a four-year public university in California is $9,173 per year. Assuming all the kids went to public universities in California, college tuition for the six Brady kids would cost the family $55,038. Textbooks would cost the family another $18,000 (the average student spends $1,500 on books each semester).

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  • Salary: Danny would make $51,000 yearly as a TV co-host, while Uncle Jesse would make $42,000 from his work in the advertising business. As a stand-up comedian, we can safely assume Joey is bringing in next to nothing. Altogether, the adults of the household make $93,000 a year.
  • Housing: A house in San Francisco costs the family $1,155,000 (ouch!). That’s a monthly mortgage of $6,829.
  • Groceries: $2,178 a month or $26,146 a year
  • Uncle Jesse’s hair products: $29 a month (one bottle of high-quality volumizing mousse and one bottle of high-quality hair gel)


  • Salary: We looked at the median salary for a local San Francisco TV co-host (Danny) and combined it with the median wages of a radio host (Uncle Jesse) and a comedian/part-time TV & radio show host/substitute teacher (Uncle Joey).
  • Housing: $1,155,000 is the median price of a house in San Francisco. Yes, you read that right.
  • Groceries: We calculated the “moderate” plan for three men, one woman, the three Tanner girls, and Nicky and Alex Katsopolis (Jesse and Rebecca’s twin boys).
  • Uncle Jesse’s hair products: We figure Jesse would spring for the good stuff since his hair is of utmost importance to him. One bottle of high-quality volumizing mousse costs $8.29 on, and one bottle of high-quality hair gel costs $21.05.
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The real Brady family house is in Studio City, California, and has had the same owner since 1973.

Springfield, Massachusetts, is the only large Springfield in America with a nearby gorge.

In King of the Hill, Bobby Hill has a Bart Simpson doll on the top of his bookshelf.

Rugrats is the second-longest-running Nickelodeon show of all time, and Spongebob Squarepants is the longest-running Nickelodeon show.