The Essentials You Should Know about Buying Furniture on Wayfair

The Essentials You Should Know about Buying Furniture on Wayfair

By Couponlab

After relocating to an area with established schools, we had to rent a downsize, which meant the children would have smaller bedrooms. I had been uncertain about what to do with their cluttered rooms for months. I realized that under-the-bed storage would be a good solution as their new rooms would be smaller. The kids could keep their clothes in the drawers under their beds, so they didn’t need a dresser stealing space from the room. I went to many furniture shops and either couldn’t find what I wanted or found it, but the price almost gave me appendicitis.

Wayfair, the online furniture store, was an option I had already learned but never wanted to consider. Finally, I had brought myself to try them when I could not find what I wanted at an affordable price. Here’s what I discovered. couponlab offers Wayfair coupon code 20% off here.

Is Wayfair Legit?

If you do not know what Wayfair is, you might think it’s a legitimate company or a scam online. From my experience, Wayfair is completely honest. It is a well-known and respected company for buying furniture and accessories. You will eventually get what you paid for, even though there may be mistakes, damage, or delays.

Benefits of Using Wayfair

Moreover, Wayfair offers a lot more in terms of furniture variety and prices compared to the physical stores. That’s a big positive. The chances are that you will find whatever you need at affordable prices. Shopping for Furniture and Home Décor Online can be Easier than Driving from Store to Store. You will enjoy free shipping and all the guest posts delivered to your doorstep. - Online

Cost of First Purchase

For example, I searched “beds with storage” and found several choices, most available in more than one color. Finally, I opted for two espresso walnut “Allenville Storage Platform Beds.” The total cost of the queen bed and full-size bed I bought is $835, including taxes. Shipping was free. I got financing for one year also.

I purchased 11.6″ x 11.6″ tall shelving units to place by the beds instead of a bedside table. Each shelf cost $26.

I expected to have new desks and chairs. Those came out to $300.

Ultimately, we spent almost $2500 for both children to get new furniture, and their rooms looked clean and open.

Problems With Wayfair

Wayfair has many pros, but there are some potential cons:

Purchasing items online has many dilemmas that make it difficult to make a different decision. You can’t even touch that sheet or sit on that sofa, so you don’t know if you’ll like it when it gets there.

It would help if you were prepared for the additional effort and extra costs that come with returning the items, and to return an item correctly, you should have studied the strict rules by which an item should be replaced and also adhered to the deadlines.

The delivery and assembly aspects also take time before you can enjoy your purchase.

Most items require assembly. You must invest a little know-how, time, and patience to put it all together. Many come complete with everything you need to put them together, but others require specific tools to facilitate this process.

Occasionally, when items are lost or destroyed during shipping, additional time and energy are expended in resolving the issue.

Wayfair Assembly

Furniture acquired online usually comes in several parts that need assembling. Interestingly, Wayfair offers assembly powered by The cost varies by item. Doing it yourself will save you a lot of money. Here is what to expect.

We purchased every bed in five huge cartons. At two beds, to be loaded meant ten boxes.

We got ten boxes from UPS in about five days, so we had giant boxes in the way while waiting for all the pieces to show up.

I couldn’t carry the boxes upstairs, so I opened them downstairs and had different parts of whatever it was up to my workplace.

The assembly guides mainly comprised pictures that presented how each piece should be assembled.

I have also assembled Ikea furniture, whose directions are not always straightforward. In comparison, instructions for Wayfair furniture are way shorter.

To begin with, since this was the entire bed, I built its headboard. I confirmed that I had all the necessary hardware before assembling anything. I then analyzed the completed drawings and joined each component on the paper to its corresponding item on the floor. After ensuring I was well conversant with the instructions, I combined everything. It was surprisingly easy. It took about two hours to assemble each bed.

Most of their furniture does not have written (text) instructions but clear visual instructions to make it easy for the assembly.

It should include everything that you need to assemble your furniture. In case of missing items, report it within 30 days after delivery, and they will mail those parts or hardware for free. There were spares in each box, and there was never any issue with the lack of hardware.

Is assembly difficult?

Everything was fine until I assembled the beds and got to storage drawers for the queen bed. Because the front of the first drawer with the misaligned parts was defective, I could barely use it. In that regard, I could never understand why the pieces would not fit together for screwing through the second drawer. After closely studying the issues for about ten minutes, I found a failproof workaround. So, I managed to build one drawer.

Wayfair product assembling

However, I still had a faulty front drawer to handle. The drawer was being assembled in the evening, so I could not call because it was too late; thus, I attempted to file for a replacement online. I entered my details and submitted the form, only to find myself again at the login screen. I don’t know why that didn’t go through, but I had to call the following day because the request didn’t.

However, on call, a recorded voice told me they were receiving many calls and that I should expect to wait for a long. However, I was connected with a customer service representative right away, and they were very polite and supportive. I mentioned the part I required from her, and she initiated the process for a replacement.

But I called on Friday. She told me that the piece would most likely be shipped on Tuesday, and it did. However, I didn’t get it until the following Monday. Therefore, I just waited for 11 days and got the replacement part. I wasn’t required to return lousy parts, so I threw it away.

But fortunately, I didn’t hurry to get the drawer together. I had one drawer and stored things they didn’t use often in the kids’ old dressers that were placed into their closets. Therefore, my elder child could use her dresser, although it was inconvenient because the second drawer would sound helpful after I assembled it.

Two of the eight items I ordered were destroyed or missing. In both cases, it took days to replace them. When you think Wayfair, think how long it will take to get an item in the mail and kick that up a few weeks if you need a replacement part.

10 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Piece of Furniture Online.

10 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Piece of Furniture Online.

The biggest trick to buying online is finding what you want and walking away. Here are ways to avoid mistakes:

Carefully study all the photos: Photos taken of the appliance from different angles are often included. Be sure to check each one carefully so you “know” what it will look like when it arrives.

Please read the descriptions carefully. Don’t skim over those descriptions, as they include essential adjectives and details from the manufacturers. Take durability, construction, and cleaning instructions into consideration. Go through all tabs and links to specifications and diagrams.

Measure over and over again: It isn’t easy to envision how a piece of furniture will occupy an area within it, and you certainly require the tape measure for this part. Using tape, you can recreate the item whose dimensions you are considering. Also, remember that this weightier piece has to be moved from the curb, up staircases around corners, and into the room you want it in!

Read the Questions & Answers section and Reviews: Here is where you can get more information from the likes of you.

Pre-order a swatch of fabric if available: Request a free swatch to examine fabric color, pattern, texture, fabric quality, and the ease of maintaining the fabric before you purchase.

Use Wayfair’s 3D room planner: With this tool, you can “build a room” from scratch or use one of their preset templates for a bedroom, living room, and dining.

Consider using Wayfair’s design services: They are ideal for people who need help finding a solution, and they include consultation, “lite” services, and “classic” services for those needing more considerable design assistance.

Understand the return policy before you buy: You don’t want to pay to return an item, so know the return policy before purchasing.

What Is Wayfair’s Return Policy?

Buying a sofa you’ve never sat on can be quite a gamble, particularly a bed without any test. But you may return most products purchased from our company for a refund or store credit within 30 days of purchase. However, you will be responsible for return shipping, and the item must be in its original unassembled condition and package. But clearance, “non-returnable,” and personalized items can not be returned, and you can’t produce an assembled unit.

Nevertheless, if you want to return an item because it was delivered to you in a damaged state, was defective, or was not what you initially ordered, Wayfair would assume your request and could refund the cost of returning the item—a complete account of Wayfair’s Returns Policy.