Essential Gear Checklist Photo & Video

Essential Gear Checklist: Photo & Video

July 2024 by couponlab

As mentioned in our last post, taking the step from casual content creator to maestro of mirrors and light isn’t for the weak hearted. Research, talk to knowledgeable people, and price compare, but only spend as much time studying as you’re comfortable with, no need to induce college cramming flashbacks.

Covering merely the basics of the photo and video world in our last post, today, we’ll take a deeper dive and get into more detailed recommendations and descriptions on some of the camera and accessory options available. Don’t miss the promo code links within each write-up. If you plan to drop serious cash on this hobby, Couponlab intends to help you drop a little less.

Essential things needed for Photo & Video


Do not rush the selection of your main camera. This piece will usher you into colorful new depths of life, facilitating your exploration of the world around you. The sentimental value involved will be immense, choose wisely.


While your camera is likely to come equipped with one, it’s always a good idea to have at least one spare OEM battery. On top of that, and the factory charger, grab a few off-brand batteries for emergencies.


Mostly the same principle applies, here. You’ll want one big memory card that lives in your camera, one back-up to match, and a few small ones for tight spots and technical issues.


In a world of mostly matte black, the camera strap is one place to show some personality. Don’t get too artsy with it, its responsibility is a key one. Your rig should never touch the ground.


As mentioned in our last post, you’ll start with and fall in love with a kit lens to start. After that, look into something with considerable zoom as well as a prime, which lacks that ability at all. The prime acts as the “real-life” iPhone Portrait mode.


For stills, invest in an external flash to give your photos a professional glow in low light. When shooting video, compile a few different lighting options, with varying brightness, spread, and mounts.


Now, where to put all this stuff? A normal backpack won’t do the job. Its deep pockets mean fragile items and small accessories collect at the bottom when the pack is being worn, clanking together with any movement. Specialty camera bags have adjustable padded slots for Tetris-style support for all of the bits and bytes.


A solid tripod is the most important piece of necessary gear that doesn’t plug into or otherwise facilitate the capturing of an image. It will add consistency and polish to both photo and video projects.


Disposables are back in style in a big way. Great for anything from behind the scenes to school projects. Even when packing your serious equipment, leave room for one run and run, just for fun.


A step above run and gun, is the GoPro. You’ll still be able to set-up and capture shots in mere seconds with this bundle of joy. The quality is amazing for such a small package. Great for times you can’t deal with the bulky weight around your neck or shoulder, and don’t necessarily need to finesse every shot.