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These are only a few reasons to shop online at; there are many more. Let's just say that if you're already looking at that famous yellow price tag, half the battle is done. Even if you just enjoy shopping in-store, there's no reason not to take a minute and check out before you go. You never know what kind of great deals you'll find!

1: Accessibility

You can shop all day, every day at You'll never have to worry about closed doors or last calls or rushing your shopping trip because you're anxious to get out of there on time. By shopping online, you have the freedom to browse at your leisure and only press "order" when you're well and truly ready. Unlike their outlet stores, is never closed.

Another great thing about shopping online is that it can be done without interference. Even though they're helpful and knowledgeable, the staff at Best Buy still work on commission, which means they have an ulterior motive for offering any piece of advice. By shopping online, you'll avoid any well-meaning misdirection and only buy the products you really want.

2: Deals

Uh oh, we mentioned the dreaded "B" word. But don't panic yet. Even if your cash if limited, you can still make a killing at Best Buy. That's because they have great deals that are only made sweeter with virtual purchase, like one-day and online-only sales and shopping codes that can only be entered with online checkout. They even offer free shipping on certain items! You also have the option of delivering things for store pickup, which is useful if your products need a special kind of handling or installation. The strapping men of Best Buy will handle everything you need where the internet drops off and the confusing cables begin.

3: Variety

Another great thing about shopping online at Best Buy is the sheer variety of products you'll find there. Supply and demand means that stores typically only stock their most popular and best-selling items, so what if you're in the market for a satellite radio or a really rare DVD? You can take your chances at your local outlet... or you can use two clicks and find it virtually at There are literally hundreds of products for all kinds of electronic needs, so you're almost guaranteed to find what you're looking for, even if it's a rare or obscure piece of tech. The only limit is your budget!

4: Specs

No matter how many items they manage to pack onto their shelves, Best Buy stores are still limited by physical space and the laws of matter. There are only so many products they can sell at one location because there simply isn't room for more. The solution? Offering absolutely everything at They have all the gadgets you need in every possible dimension, size and speed, perfect for finding that one fiddly piece for your laptop or getting exactly the right iPhone. If you're looking for a TV stand that will fit under your oddly-shaped window, will offer the options their physical stores can't. If you want to debate the merits of a 20" HD monitor vs 21.5", online is the place to do it.


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